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Alive to the World

Alive to the World provides schools with a complete tool for healthy Relationships and Personal, Social and Health (PSHE) Education.

It is based on positive character development and is the fruit of extensive research by an international team of teachers, psychologists, and social scientists with the collaboration of families. It is currently used in 22 countries with a new edition for Africa about to be launched.

The programme is based on stories, a book per year, in which the characters grow up alongside the students. Through the stories pupils are introduced to a range of situations and emotions typical of their age groups.

They are helped to discern what is happening and why Charlie and Alice and their friends behave as they do. From this they can see for themselves the probable outcome from particular forms of behaviour and are taught to want what is best and to make the effort to attain it.

The programme is not religious but transmits the natural values which support religious education.

The story books are accompanied by full teacher guides, which explain the psychology behind each chapter and give full ready-made lesson plans, including links to YouTube and other resources.

This website will give access to the electronic Teacher Guides for the Infant Books 1, 2 and 3.

The Read & Tell story books 1, 2 and 3 to which they relate are available from Gracewing. You will find full details by following the links on the top menu bar. The books are designed to be started in Reception or in Year 1.

Books 4 - 8 are designed to be read out by the pupils, with a story book each (or shared). The Teacher Guides for these later books are in printed form; all are available from Gracewing.